The 5 richest people in America

While some of us might not ever be the richest people in our country, sometimes it is nice to read about those that are seeing the kind of successes that most of us only dream about. The five people that will be featured in this list are among the most successful and richest people in the United States. Most of these people have gotten where they are through hard work and determination to succeed, so this might be an inspiration to those to help change their own lot in life for something bigger.

5 – Phil Knight

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Ever hear of Nike shoes? You never would have if it hadn’t been for the hustle of Phil Knight. In the 1960’s Knight was in talks with a brand of shoes named Tiger and convinced them to allow him to distribute their shoes under a new name in the United States. Within a few years the shoes in the United States would gain so much support and rapport, that Phil Knight quit his day job altogether. It wasn’t long before he would make his own company to sell these shoes, and that company would be Nike.

4 – George Soros

George Soros

He is hailed as a man who made hedge funds look easy. Coming from rough beginnings as a child, Soros would eventually create the Quantum Fund years after his family fled to the UK from occupied Nazi Hungary. Nearly 20 years after the fund was launched, Soros would short the British pound. This was a high risk, but very high reward move that netted the fund a billion dollars in a single day. This would make him a staple in the financial world.

3 – Steve Ballmer

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He is commonly known to Microsoft higher ups as the “numbers guy” of their company. This is a college dropout who followed his friend Bill Gates when he started up his company Microsoft. He would start as a basic manager with a stake in the company, but later get promoted to areas such as vice president of marketing, vice president of systems software and even overseeing sales and support and various points.

2 – Sheldon Adelson

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This is a man who has been referred to as the “King of Las Vegas”. He never actually got a big break from all of his hard work until he was 61 years old. He was running the Computer Dealers’ Exhibition and would see his company to a Japanese that year for 860 million. He would use this money to buy a casino and rebuilt the Sands Resort and Casino in its place.

1 – John and Jacqueline Mars

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The Mars candy company oversees the production and distribution of several confectionary products. Their most successful of these would be M&Ms and Milky Way bars. This was their father’s dream he built up from nothing, while the siblings would simply inherit this company and its shares to oversee once their father passed away in 1999.

These are some of the richest people in the entire country. While there are certainly many other names that could easily go on this list, these are some of the most profitable and continually generating funds and accounts that the United States has ever seen.

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