Scariest insects in the world

Most people are indeed afraid of insects due to the potential danger that many insects pose. Insects are indeed some of the scariest animals in the world. Some insects are quite deadly, and if they bite you, you might end up with serious complications. Furthermore, some insects are just scary the manner in which they look. This article will discuss some of the scariest insects that you might come across.

Hickory Horned Devil


Some insects are considered scary purely on account of their looks. Such insects are not necessarily venomous and do not pose any dangers to humans. However, due to their ugly looking bodies, these insects will scare away any person of sound mind. One such insect is the Hickory Horned Devil. The Hickory Horned devil is found in North America. These insects are nocturnal creatures, and they have an extremely ugly looking body. They usually curl up to a ‘J’ shape, and this shape makes them even weirder and scary.



In addition to the Hickory Horned Devil, another insect that is considered a scary creature is the antlion. Antlions are found in various parts of the world. One of the things that make these insects particularly scary is the fact that their bodies are fully covered with spiky looking features. They can easily prick your skin once you come into contact with them. The antlions are predominantly ant eaters hence the name antlions. In addition to ants, these insects also feed on nectar and pollen.

Goliath Beetles

Source: jumbhoanimal

Beetles are not the scariest insects out there, but the Goliath Beetle is. Goliath beetles are very scary on account of their sheer size. A fully grown Goliath Beetle can cover the entire length of your arm, and this is indeed significant size for an insect. Goliath Beetles are native to several African countries including Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa.

Brazilian Wandering Spider

illustration — REX/SIPA

The list of the top ten scariest insects would be incomplete without mentioning some of the world’s scariest spiders. One such spider is the Brazilian wandering spider. The Brazilian wandering spider is popular, and it is considered the most venomous spider in the world. The wondering spiders derive their name from the fact that unlike many other spider species, these spiders wonder from one place to another in such of prey. The Brazilian Wandering Spider is found in South America and Central Africa.

Funnel-web spider

source : Wikimedia

The funnel web spider is a notoriously scary animal. The spider has a black body with medium body hair. The funnel web has a sinister look that should immediately send shock waves to anyone who comes across the insect. Just like the Brazilian Wondering Spider, the Funnel Web is also a very venomous animal. The venom of this insect is so potent that it can prove fatal to human beings in case one gets bitten and does not seek medical attention as soon as possible.
While our list has not covered all the scariest insects in the world, we have covered the most common ones. You can also search if you need more of the same.

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