Proof That giants Really exist (You Will Not Believe Your Eyes)

The giants are not a myth many site also called tumulus exist everywhere on this world, skeletons of humans were found sizes varies between 2.30 and 3.00metres, but today I’m going to talk to you about another type of giants, there are actually real giants who would sell their bodies for wealth. Believe it or not, they are here … open your eyes!

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (Iceland)

source © Pinterest

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (born November 26, 1988) he measures 2m06 and weighs 185 kg. He is known for being a professional giant, great actor and even basketball player. He is so strong that he can lift 450 kg!

Shaquille O’Neal (United States)

source © Gettyimages

We all know Shaq. One of the greatest basketball players of all time. 2m16, 147 kg: one of the most corpulent players in the NBA. Yeah he’s also a good actor and a real giant!

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