Mysterious Monuments and Places That Have Baffled Scientists

Have you ever thinking about the importance behind the unusual and mysteries monuments? Are you mesmerized by the surprise of the ancient planet? Maybe you’ve theories regarding the making of the complicated structure by primal communities. You might believe alien-human interactions or even attributes land’s surprises to additional terrestrial dabbling. In every case, enjoy the following gathering of mankind’s most mysterious Archaeological site, they even have the experts and scientist in a puzzle

Stonehenge, England

© Apex

Surrounded by lots of burial mounds and sited far from the basis of its megalithic stones, the Stonehenge is the poster-child of unexplained monuments. The land and ditch around the mysterious monuments date to 3000 to 2000 BC. There’re lots of theories as to the purpose of the site, and it’s probable that there were a couple of uses over the years. Spiritual, astronomical, ancestor worship complete have proponents and few have provided the idea that it was a type of healing area, based on the situations of the bodies buried around the Stonehenge.

The Three Dolmens, Spain

© Conjunto Arqueológico Dólmenes de Antequera

These megalithic tombs or 3 dolmens are found outside, Spain. They’re called the Cueve do Viera, the Tholos of El Romeral and the Cueva de Menga. Scientist and experts believe they were made around 35,00 to 37,00 BC, but have no accurate idea how such an ancient people could turn these huge stones and the weight of every stone over 100 tons.

Moai Statues, Easter Island


Nothing says strange huge 80 ton stone heads on fully tearless land in the center of the Pacific Ocean, along with presents that would have created said land truly hard to stumble across. But this unexplained monument is Easter Island, and its inhabitants genuinely arrived from Polynesia. These heads are named Moai and were made from the earth’s stone quarries and turned to their posts looking inland. The Moai stone is believed to represent tribes and they were complete tipped on their faces during the conflict between the tribal. There were likely moved applying methods incorporating tree logos, but the earth was treeless by the period of European researchers arrived.

The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt


Extremely old Egyptians could never have expected their stone construction, half stone buried in the sands of the desert would exalt a boatload movies and dime novels, mummies, treasure hunters. While this unexplained and mysterious monuments dates and techniques have turned into clearer over time, there’re still lots of unexplained factors. Latest exploration by a robotic camera down mysterious slim shafts might drop more light on just what they had in mind.

Lost City of Petra, Jordan

Petra the lost city of Jordan shows amazing sophistication considering its time. Despite the likely time date of 312 BC for the creation of Petra, it has a stone architectural embellishments and superior water conduit contracture. How could such extremely old people achieve the height of constructing, experts and scientist also amazed what occurred to the people of Petra.

Machu Picchu. Peru

source: National Geographic

You’ve to go top for this site, 2434- meters upper seal level, in fact. This notably photogenic land in the clouds of the Andes was made by the Incas in the year 1500 for one of their rulers, Pachacuti. It remained un-show even form the invading Spaniards and it was not exposed until 1911. Travel the train from Cusco to the switchback road to get here, or get a stunning multi-day climb alongside the Inca Train.

The Infamous Carnac Stones, France

Jean-Michel PRIMA 2010.

Carnac stone located on the sea line of the Gulf of Morbihan, France, is very popular for its breaches. But also close by are over 3500 standing rocks or menhirs, placed there darning the period of Neolithic. Experts are unsure what these menhirs or stood for. But the place of them is forceful to the imagination. There’re 4 groups of stones, arranged in lines and shed out over 4km. the taller menhirs are the west side and smaller as one follow them east side. These are the biggest collection of menhirs in the planet.

Gulf of Cambay, India


This amazing ruin was discovered in 2001 of the cost of South Asia, India. It’s believed to have been made around 9,500BC. How did it end-up in the ocean? A few experts and scientist speculate tectonic activity and other an earthquake, while some others spot out confirming evidence of worldwide scale deluge.

The Nazca Lines, Peru


Identifiable simply form the air and shed out desert ground in Southern Peru, these amazing geometric designs are selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There’re hundreds of them & and they vary in style from plain designs to clear the line drawings of animals such as sharks, lizards, and monkeys. The largest of them spans over 200m. They were made by cut out the red stone of the area to reveal the white stone underneath. Remnants of what look to be timber stakes applied in their style take some of the anonymous out of how somebody could make such figures without an accurate view, but main thing what was their main purpose? Theories flourish form directions of water sources and astronomical alignments, to the common believers in Alien visitors in require of landing strips.

The Kabayan Mummy Caves, Philippines

source: Getty Images

If you are looking for unexplained and mystery that will provide you nightmares, look no further than the caves of Kabayan Mummy, Philippines, these custom made caves are filled with accurately preserved mummies. Nobody knows why the site was made or it was part of a very old burial ritual, but the whole mummies are definitely extremely old, with experts believing they date back in 2000BC.

Roopkund, India

Skeletons at Roopkund Lake @Thinkingparticle

Roopkund located in India is also known as Lake of Skelton. That is popular for its ethereal elegance and shocking collection of human skeletons. These skeletons that are placed along the edge of the lake date back as-far-as the year 900. It has argued on whether the skeleton settled their typically or where part of bunch creature scarifies. Either way, the spot is upsetting, to say the least.

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