Married Couple Dies Holding Hands after 60 Years of Marriage

Inspiration is one of the most important things in life. Inspiration is actually what keeps us going despite any challenges that we might be facing. There are many inspiring stories out there that will touch your lives. The thing about an inspiring story is that it can defy the odds and can serve to encourage other people to face situations that might seem insurmountable.
There are several inspiring stories out there of couples spending many years together, and, when the final moment comes, they die together. These stories focus on the issue of love and persevering together as a couple despite any challenges that you might be facing. This article will tell you the story of a Texas-based couple who spent much of their lives together. What makes this couple special is the fact that they lived together for several years and died while holding hands on the same day.

Thomas and Delma Ledbetter

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Thomas and Delma Ledbetter were a Texas-based couple who had spent more than 60 years together. This couple most of their time together and several years, they both fell ill around the same time and were admitted to a home for the elderly. Delma was the first one to fall ill, and a couple of days later, her husband Thomas also fell ill.
The couple’s daughter Donetta Nichols indicates that they decided to take both their parents to a Texas-based nursing home where they spent their final days together. On the material day, the couple requested to have their beds pushed close to each other, and they just lay there waiting for the inevitable. The husband, Mr. Thomas Ledbetter ‘then reached out and held the hand of his wife, and they just spent their final moments enjoying each other’s company. Thomas was the first one to pass on, and a few minutes later, his wife then passed on.
The Ledbetter spent most of their lives enjoying each other’s company. In the course of their twilight years, they spent most of their time traveling to various destinations and engaging in various social activities such as camping, hiking and other such activities that added years to their lives.
Obviously, the passing on of the Ledbetter’s is a sad event, and as the children mourned the death of their parents, they also remembered to celebrate their lives. The lives of the Ledbetter’s indeed calls for a celebration whichever way one chooses to look at it. This is due to the fact, the couple spent their lives enjoying each other’s company and even, in the end, they managed to go out in style. The lives of the couple are also an affirmation that true love does exist and that it is possible to find someone who is willing to stick by you till the very end.

Social Media Response

Image Source : Ledbetter family

The inspiring story of this loving couple has served to elicit a lot of attention, especially on social media sites. Many people posted of how this story touched them and how they have come to appreciate the people in their lives on account of the inspiring story.

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