Creative Sculpture Created with Useless Doll Parts

Sculptors have always used a wide range of mediums when creating their own masterpieces. With this in mind, it would not be a stretch when you realize that there is an entire list of quality sculptures that have been made using useless doll parts. While there might be a something a little strange and different about creating sculptures from random doll parts, there is also something really unique and impressive about it as well. Consider the time that is has taken to complete some of these ingenious creations, and you will see just how keen the eye of the sculptor is in finding just the right parts to make something this incredible.

A Full Face With Hair

MEDUSA 2011, Plastic Assemblage, 35cm x 36cm x 29cm, Currently on exhibition at the EXPLORATORIUM in San Francisco, all images courtesy of freya jobbins

If you just glance at this sculpture, you can easily discern the face and the hair that was created from the hundreds of pieces that were used. It is only when you really stop and look that all of the detail and amazing choices start to come to light. Every part of this face has been dutifully considered, from the eyes and eyelashes, to the nose and the ears. This is a testament to the artistic eye, purposing an assortment of different sizes and parts into something so recognizable.

A Simpler Face

source : freya jobbins

Another face sculpture made using exclusive doll parts, this seemingly conveys more emotion and detail that the sculpture with hair had left undone. Big doll feet were used to add a lifelike padding to the cheek bones of the sculpture, where long Barbie-like arms were used for the detail work of the bridge and length of the nose. This is another that warrants a long look to be able to discern all of the detail work that when into making it as impressive as it actually is.

Half Body Sculpture of a Woman

source : freya jobbins

As if just making a face from the body parts of dolls wasn’t impressive enough, you can get even more detailed and involved with this half-body sculpture. There is a debate as to whether or not the sculpture appears to be pregnant, offering a unique take on baby doll sculptures and the creation of life. While this sculpture might lack some of the definition that is present in the face only sculptures, it more than makes up for it in the broad array of parts used to mold the unique curvature of shoulders, the torso, arms and breasts.

Half Body Sculpture of a Man

source : freya jobbins

Much like the sculpture of the woman, the parts and pieces used for the entire body design of this sculpture is something that could take your breath away. There is an astonishing amount of detail to the chest and abdominal area, as well as an impressive arm that is comprised in itself of many, many pieces.

While again it might seem a little peculiar to use doll parts to make a sculpture, these few examples will give you an idea as to the truly remarkable results that can come from it. Take some time to look over each creation and appreciate the detail work and specific placement of each individual piece to be part of the elaborate whole.

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