Acts of Kindness in 2017 that will Restore your Faith in Humanity

The last couple of years have seen an unprecedented increase in the levels and number of hate crimes in the world. It seems like more and more people are being taught how to hate, and this can be underscored by the rise in the number of terrorist attacks, xenophobic attacks and even racist attacks in various parts of the world. Be that as it may, several inspiring stories in 2017 definitely serve to underscore the fact that humanity is still something that is alive and still exists in hearts and minds of people around the globe. Here is a brief overview of some of the inspiring stories of 2017 that seem to reaffirm this fact.

Early Christmas for a terminally ill boy

This story took place in Canada whereby an entire town organized a Christmas celebration in October to ensure that the boy gets to celebrate the festivities. Evan Leversage was diagnosed with brain tumor, and he did not have much time left. Despite this fact, his friends, relatives and indeed the entire Town in Canada’s St. George Ontario organized a Christmas of sorts in which even the Santa Claus made an appearance.

Autistic boy in Nova Scotia receives thousands of emails for his 11th birthday

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This is an incredible story that took place in Nova Scotia Canada. The story entailed a boy with autism who got to celebrate his 11th birthday with his loving family members and more than 4000 people who took the time actually to send him letters wishing him a happy birthday.

An eight-year-old girl performs 600 acts of kindness to honor her late grandmother

Alex McKelvey set out to perform 60 acts of kindness in honor of her grandmother who had just passed on. Despite the fact that she got to attain her feta, Alex set another goal that would see her perform 600 acts of kindness to honor her grandmother. Some of the activities that the young kid engaged in included: donating food and clothing to the needy, volunteering in various initiatives and even participating in the renovation of a local YMCA institution.

College student raises 100,000 dollars to help cancer suffering Uber driver

The Uber driver in question was 69-year old Kewnneth Broskey with the student being Roland Gainer. Broskey was driving Gainer to an event he had organized along with his fellow students. During the ride, Gainer learned that the Uber driver had cancer and despite this fact, he decided to continue working so that he can leave behind some money for his family. Upon learning this, Gainer organized a fundraising that managed to raise 100,000 in only a couple of day to help the Uber driver and his family.

One might conclude that indeed humanity is on trial. This is because; of the myriad of incidences that seem to indicate lack of humility, kindness, compassion and other attributes that make us human. However, these activities reassure our faith in humanity in that, after all, is said and done, the world is full of good people.

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