7 Most Strange Animal Creatures in the World you don’t know

The world is full of strange and exciting creatures. For all of the ones that people know and recognize, there are hundreds of more that are far more obscure and evolved. Here you will get a look at seven of the most interesting creatures based on the things that they can do, how they look, or certain natural behaviors that they might have.

7 – Mimic Octopus

source: marinebio

It is common knowledge among the scientific community and those that are interested in the life of certain marine animals that the octopus has the ability to change its color to suit the surroundings it is in. Since it is often sought out by predators, this is a natural defense mechanism in order to protect themselves from other animals that would want to eat them. The Mimic Octopus takes this process one step further than most of the types of octopi out there. They are able to not only change the color of their bodies to better blend in, but they can also contort their bodies into the shape of what is in the vicinity to be virtually undetectable to passing predators.

6 – Glaucus Atlanticus

source: aquaportail

Following in the same path of interesting and impressive marine life, you should learn a little more about the Glaucus Atlanticus. Apart from having a dragon like body with tines coming from every appendage, they have a unique color pattern of dark blue and white. This literally sets them apart appearance wise from most of the animals under the sea, but it can also draw a lot of attention from predators. They live along the floor of the ocean, floating upside down and using the surface tension of the floor to move from place to place. As a defense against predators, the Glaucus atlanticus has stinging nematocysts stored within the tissue of its body. This will ward off would be predators, and even give a human handling the creature a stinging shock.

5 – Harp Sponge

The harp sponge, Chondrocladia lyra, is found off the coast of California at depths between 10,800 – 11,500 feet; or 3,300 – 3,500 m (© MBARI)

There are quite a few animals in the world that resemble musical instruments. In terms of undersea life, the harp sponge might have all of the aforementioned instrument-like creatures put to shame. Given the odd arrangement of its body, the sponge has small appendages protruding from each of the arms at the base of the creature. These stick up in a constant vertical position, making each of the arms look like a harp. Typically there are five arms at the base of the creature, giving the illusion that it is a sea star from passing predators.

4 – Leafy Sea Dragon

© Valerie Taylor

While there were no points awarded for creative names here, this dragon like creature appears to be covered in leaves from tip to tail. This allows the very small creature to blend in with foliage under the sea to be overlooked by passing predators. This is their primary defense mechanism, and have virtually no other way to protect themselves.

3 – Lyrebirds

source : Wikimedia

For any fans of the Mockingjay from the Hunger Games novels or films, the lyrebirds have a unique ability to do exactly what made those fictional birds so essential to the progression of the story. These Australian ground birds are able to identically mimic every sound that they hear, be it the voice of a human being or the guttural sounds of a hungry predator in the area to discourage an attack.

2 – Axolotl

© John P Clare

This is sometimes referred to as the Mexican walking fish, while many of the scientific community have remarked that its behaviors reflect an evolution of fish and salamanders together. They seem to be something caught in the middle of an evolutionary jump, as even its digits on its hands are not fully formed.

1 – Aye Aye


This creature might be terrifying to look at, but fortunately it is only found in large amounts in Madagascar. They look like a rat and a wingless bat mixed together, and its long fingers allow it to easily pull small prey from holes it has made in trees.

These are some of the most interesting and peculiar creatures the world over. Fortunately, scientists are still discovering new species and new animals all the time in less explored areas. Stay tuned for more exciting lists to come.

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