5 things that most men find attractive

Women at times experience a difficult time trying to ascertain what it is that the men in their lovers find attractive. Men are most often than not simple creatures that are attracted by some of the simplest things in life. The problem is, most women tend to think that guys are only attracted to the perfection or at least the illusion of perfection. This is why most women will go out of their way in their quest to attain the perfect hairstyle, the perfect dress, and even the perfect makeup kit. Here a list of some of the simple things you did not know guys find attractive.

5 – Morning look

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Many women might not be proud of how they look in the morning. That morning look with your messed up hair might just be the thing that ultimately ends up attracting your man. This is because most men are attracted to the simple things in life and that morning look happens to be one of them. So do not let that messy makeup in the morning prevent you from looking straight into his face and say hello with a big smile.

4 – Standing on your toes

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Most men find it quite sexy when you stand on your toes. Standing on your toes especially if you happen to be standing near your man is something that most men usually find very attractive. This is because; men like to be in control most of the time. Standing on your toes as you lean closer to your man portrays the message that you actually need your man, and this is something that many men will find attractive.

3 – Stretching

Very few guys can ignore the sight of a woman stretching. This is because; stretching enables your man to have a rather full view of your sexy body. When you stretch, you can expose some of the most attractive parts of your body. Stretching out will leave your man feeling attracted to you plus stretching your body might also convey the message that you are actually feeling sexy.

2 – Wearing Glasses

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Glasses are usually a sign of power and authority; this is despite the fact that the primary reason why we put on glasses is to correct some form of weakness. Wearing of glasses is something that most men find attractive. This is because most men are attracted to that authoritative look on a woman and glasses are the simplest way of attaining that look. Be that as it may, it is important always to remember that whatever glasses you choose to wear should be well fitting so that you do not end up being unattractive to your man.

1 – Having a strong opinion on various topics that interest you

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Contrary to popular belief, guys find girls with strong opinions very attractive. Girls should, therefore, do away with playing dumb since this is no longer attractive anymore. Most men like a woman with good looks and the brains actually to match the looks.

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