12 Crazy Actions of Football Players

Football players are known for being a little eccentric and crazy at times. The following list will give you a deep seeded look at some of the crazier things that they might do. More than this, you might even get a glimpse into the life of a football player from a club that you follow, allowing you to see both the stresses and the craziness of the life a professional athlete like this actually lives.

12 – Crazy After-Goal Celebration

source : Pintrest

This is one of the most common quirky things footballers do. Some of the after goal celebrations illustrate just how weird they actually are.

11 – The Wall

source : Pintrest

Often times defenders have to make a wall to attempt to block a free kick. This leaves them up for a bit of potential damage. So often times the players are known to sacrifice their face and heads to preserve other body parts they deem more sensitive.

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