10 Things Every Fat Girl Absolutely Needs To Hear

10 – Everyone has rolls when they bend over. EVERYONE.

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Some angles can be more flattering than others, that’s a fact. It’s an age-old trick of the professional photographer to come up with stances and positions that offer the most traditionally attractive view of the model in question. Because that’s exactly what it is. A TRICK. In actuality, ALL women have tummy rolls and there’s no escaping it. So why even try? It’s a perfectly natural and beautiful part of you. So, if you don’t feel comfortable showing your stomach off, simply accepting it is a good place to start.

9 – When people say “You’re gorgeous,” believe them!

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Too many times I’ve heard a good friend of mine dismiss a genuine compliment about her looks and, to be quite honest, it’s getting annoying! The fact that her subjective view of herself is stopping her from accepting the kind words of others is just plain sad. Ladies, when somebody tells you they think you’re stunning they have no reason to lie to you. That’s what they really see. Isn’t it about time you started seeing it too?

8 – “Arm flab is embarrassing.” No it’s not. Screw you.

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Unless they’re made of wood, every woman has arm flab in some capacity. It’s a perfectly natural and acceptable part of the female body and is about as common as anything else we see day to day. So, quite covering up those arms of yours. They look great!

7 – You’re not stunning despite your body. You’re stunning because of your body.

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“You’d be so good looking if you lost a little weight!” This is a phrase I’ve heard WAY too many times in the past. I don’t care what your body looks like and neither should you. Because it’s BEAUTIFUL. Yes, “true beauty” is a joining of both what’s on the inside and the outside, but I’m here to tell you if you’re an amazing person to be around and you just happen to tip the scales a little heavier than others, that’s OK. You’re beautiful in every aspect of the word!

6 – A guy can pick you up off your feet, and it won’t break his back.

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If you actually agree with this, the very idea of you breaking a man’s back if he tried to lift you is something you’ve blown completely out of proportion. You might see yourself as this infinitely heavy elephant of a woman but, believe me, you’re anything but. So, the next time a guy offers to pick you up, why not get a running start and see if he goes full-on Patrick Swayze!

5 – You don’t need to exercise every day in order to feel better about yourself.

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While it has been proven that exercise aids in the release of more of what makes us feel happy, that doesn’t mean it’s your only option to feel better about yourself. Real happiness comes from within and is a genuine feeling of self-worth that comes from learning to accept yourself for the beautiful person you are. Oh, and no. Fat people don’t need to exercise more because we’re fat. Grow up, world.

4 – You’re allowed to fall in love with yourself. I promise.

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A lot of you are going to struggle with this, but it will be one of the most important life-changes you will ever make. Instead of focusing on everything that you feel is wrong about your appearance, take influence from all the body positivity there is out there, because there’s a lot of it if you know where to look. Your so-called “flaws” are crying out for some TLC. Let them become part of what you feel makes you beautiful. Because they are, and YOU are.

3 – It’s also OK to have days where you don’t love yourself.

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Nobody can feel ecstatic about themselves one hundred percent of the time, and that’s fine. Even the most narcissistic people will have days when they can’t bare to look at themselves in the mirror. You are in the process of learning to discover the beauty you haven’t seen in yourself before. So, don’t think of these days as a backward step. Think of them as the calm before the storm. The storm being the flood of realisation that will hit you when you finally realise how gorgeous you really are!

2 – Everyone’s boobs are uneven. If you have a lot of boobs, they might be way uneven.

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First of all, if you have big boobs, be proud of them. Don’t you dare hide them away. Secondly, this probably means that you’ve noticed, in some capacity, that your girls might be a little uneven in size and shape. This is completely NORMAL and will go unnoticed by everybody else. When it comes to ourselves, we magnify a problem until it becomes a far more daunting issue than it actually is. Love your boobs. You only get two!

1 – There are people who prefer large ladies. And I mean all sizes of large.

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Chances are, if you’re reading this, that you’re worried your size and/or weight holds you back from finding love. Well, guess what? There are actually guys who PREFER ladies of size as opposed to skinny girls and they’re not as rare as you may think. This may shock you, but not all men are obsessed with the typical size zero swimsuit model look. There is already a guy out there who would love to admire every single inch of you, just the way you are, and he’s waiting for you. Go get him!

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