10 Most Scary Faces of People from Real Life you don’t want meet in Night

It’s a fairly common saying that we are made by God in his image. Obviously, there is room for interpretation there since we all look different. From our body type to our facial features, there is something unique about everyone. Some children favor strangers more than their own parents. The truth is that you can not really predict what anyone will look like. We are all pure individuals in our own right. Some are more unique than others, which leads us to our list: 10 Most Scary Faces of People from Real Life You Don’t Want to Meet in Night. Before you read any further, we would like to make it clear that this list is not intended to mock or hurt anyone. We would like this to be informative list to bring light to the fact that there are some of us who appear more different than others, due to diseases and birth deformities outside of their control. With that said, these people should still be treated with the same respect as everyone else.

10 – Teeth Like a Vampire

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Yes, you read that correctly. There’s a woman with teeth like an actual vampire, and not the fake kind bought at the costume store for Halloween. What adds to the fear is the fact that she appears to have hardly any nose.

9 – Big Mouth

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This one is pretty self-explanatory. This man has a huge mouth filled with a huge set of teeth and tongue to match. His eyes are almost as big and he appears to not have a nose.

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